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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Applications are completed and submitted through our website. Please visit our jobs page

Who are typical staff members?
Our summer faculty and staff are outstanding high school teachers, university instructors, graduate students and highly-qualified college graduates. Staff positions are best suited towards dynamic individuals with a passion for education, travel and youth. Because our programs have a serious academic component, we look for academic credentials and experience in educational programs.

Do you accept international applications?
Only applicants who are eligible to work in the United States or in Europe will be considered. We are unable to assist and/or sponsor individuals who would require special assistance with visas and work permits.

What are the age requirements for Abbey Road staff members?
While we do not have age requirements, applicants must hold a college degree by the time of employment. Typically, our summer staff and faculty are outstanding university-level instructors or professors, young high school teachers and graduate students. We will gladly accept applications from all qualified individuals.

How big are the teams for each program?
The number of staff members per program varies by the number of students participating. Each program will have one Program Director, one Program Coordinator, and then one Instructor/RA for each 8-10 students. Overall we maintain a staff to student ratio of approximately 1:8.

Is any training provided?
Yes. We believe that good training is essential for making our staff more knowledgeable about our operations and safety procedures as well as to form stronger teams. Each staff member receives a training manual and program operations manual to help provide orientation to our academic philosophy, training on our operational and safety procedures, and program team building. All new staff will also participate in online training and video conferencing as well as on-site training during summer Program Orientation.

  What kind of housing is provided for staff members?
The type of housing varies for each program. For residential and college prep programs, staff members will live together in an apartment or university residence and will typically share a double room with another staff member of the same gender. For homestay programs, the staff residence would be central to many of the families where our students live.

What is the work schedule like?
Our summer staff work schedule differs from that of a regular "9 to 5" job as it is more demanding. Our staff members are always supervising, participating, and interacting with the students regardless of position and are on-call at all times. The work schedule demands great energy, a positive attitude, flexibility, organization, coordination, discipline and self-motivation.

A typical weekday morning starts with a staff meeting at 8:30am, followed by morning and afternoon classes, position-specific duties and general errands. After dinner, the workday continues with the organization and supervision of the evening activities. Ensuring the safety of the students during evening hours and their safe return to their residence at a designated time is essential. Curfew is typically between 12 and 1am, and staff must be available until all students are checked-in before they may retire for the evening. Occasionally, late night events or emergencies may require staff members to stay on duty until unusually late hours.

How much personal time is given?
Each staff member will typically have one day off per week. In all cases, taking free time will be coordinated with and approved by the Program Director in advance. Free time schedules may be changed and even canceled in the case of unforeseen events, pressing circumstances, compelling interests of the program and students, as well as emergencies.

Summer 2013 Job Applications are now being accepted

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