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I had the time of my life on the trip and wanted to thank you for setting it up and finding such great staff for us to hang out with (though they did a lot more!) … Everything from our host families, the school, the afternoon activities, to Paris worked out great with little problems (only the French transportation system, but that is not your fault!). I have stayed in touch with my family, the international students at the school, the other Abbey Roaders, and the staff since returning, and I never would have met any of those people had it not been for the forum that you provided all of us with.
Sean, student - Windham, NH - St-Laurent-du-Var

My daughter is the entire world to me and to place her in the hands and trust of people we do not know took a lot of salesmanship on your part. Rachel had a wonderful, safe and educational summer and at no time was I fearful of her safety. Someone from your staff was always on hand, from second #1 at Kennedy Airport to the conclusion of the program, in our case me meeting Rachel in Paris. If you need any references for next summer's program please feel free to have anyone contact me. Once again sincere thanks for the remarkable job.
Mitchell, parent, New York City - Nice

My summer in Spain was excellent and there was very little that I would actually change! My homestay family was absolutely wonderful -- they were all that I expected … I found that I was learning the perfect material for my level and accomplished a lot in terms of my Spanish conversational skills ... Thanks again for everything on the trip -- it was one of the best experiences of my life!
Anjali, student - Kensington, MD - Cadiz

It was everything you described and more… the academic aspects of the program were, from Sarah's vantage point, sensational, most especially the quality of the professors and the venues … She experienced things she may never experience again. But it is clear the whole package prepared her better for the upcoming college life. Third, the RA's were, according to Sarah, top class and very supportive and professional.

Bill P., parent of Sarah P., Boston, MA - Florence

We had a terrific experience with Abbey Road. This is our second time around with our second son and both times the trips have been fantastic [and] very well run . . . both times my children have been enriched and enlightened when they [returned]. Congratulations on such a successful program.
Sandra S., parent of James S., Carmel, CA- Western Civilization

This summer I escaped from my close-knit circle of friends and my secured city boundaries to explore the world beyond my doorstep.
Maja T., Grand Rapids, MI - Western Civilization

Abbey Road gets very high marks from all of us. [His] time in Athens has been entertaining and informative so far. He commented that he had studied the Acropolis, but now he was leaning on it!
Don G. grandparent of Mac G., Bainbridge Island, WA - Western Civilization

My husband and I would like to thank you and the office staff at Abbey Road for making this such an easy experience for us. Please also extend our thanks [to the Abbey Road Staff] for making the Western Civilization trip a wonderfully memorable experience for Sam.
Anne C., parent of Sam C., Chappaqua, N Y- Western Civilization

[Emma] had an absolutely, unbelievably amazing time! She loved every minute of it . . . she made wonderful, enduring friendships . . .You guys did an amazing job, to say the least! We are and will forever be eternally grateful for the incredible opportunity you helped make possible for Emma this summer! When I think about the opportunities she had on this trip, my heart bursts with gratitude!
Sally R., parent of Emma R., Philadelphia, PA - Western Civilization

The staff at Abbey Road was WONDERFUL . . .THE BEST! Everyone was willing to accommodate my requests . . . I would recommend your programs to anyone.
Jane W., parent of Julie W., Bellaire, TX- St. Laurent-du-Var

The supervision was everything a parent would hope for their child, [while] at the same time, the teachers and counselors were personable, fun and kind.
Andrea K., parent of Lizzy K., Woodbury, CT- St. Laurent-du-Var

I had a lot of reservations about sending my daughter, Alice, to Italy. However, Abbey Road took all my concerns seriously and dealt with them in the most professional and caring way. Alice came back a changed child. She loved the program and it broadened her "college and future plans focus". I recommend Abbey Road.
Sarah C., parent of Alice C., - Florence

As the parent of an Abbey Road student, I'd say your personnel are all top notch, from the folks in the office to those "on the front lines" travelling with the students. Thank you for all your professionalism.
Andrea K., parent of Lizzy K., Woodbury, CT- St. Laurent-du-Var

Thank you so much for the greatest experience of my life. I learned so much, made a lot of friends, and got to see the most beautiful region on the planet.
Michael M., Short Hills, NJ-Nice

Arthur, how can I ever thank you enough for the kindness you are showing my daughter. I am so grateful to you for this experience and I know that she is safe and is being educated well.
Lorrie L., parent of Elena L., Roslyn Heights, NY- Nice

On behalf of the Cannes group, I'd like to say "thank you" for one of the best summers of my life. I truly lived one of my dreams to study abroad. I am so lucky to have switched my summer programs right at the last minute. It was fate! I applaud you guys for watching us closely yet giving us room to breathe ... a perfect balance! I still daydream of everything and everyone I knew this summer -- you couldn't have done a better job.
Anne, student - San Diego, CA - Cannes

  I felt that I learned a lot through my experience and the school that we attended. My Spanish has improved greatly. The teachers were very good and helpful. Almost all the excursions were awesome … My favorite excursions were the jazz concert, windsurfing and mountain biking … The staff was awesome, organized, fun and helpful. Really fun! Overall this was the best summer I've had in a long time … Cádiz was the best
Stephen, student - Sandy, UT - Cadiz

Just continue to do what you do best...educate youth so they can contribute to a better world and future. Lorrie L., parent of Elena L., Roslyn Heights, NY- Nice

I can’t say enough about Abbey Road, it was the best experience of Mac’s life. It gave her so much confidence, such a positive, positive experience. We want brochures and for our friends and French teachers.
Deb G., parent of Mackenzie S., Leawood, KS- Nice

I chose Abbey Road because of the different options the program offered. Many [other] programs were more about touring than actually living in France. With Abbey Road, I got to take a photography class, immerse myself with locals, see France and Italy, and learn to take care of myself.
Mackenzie S., Leawood, KS- Nice

All the kids on our trip got along really well which made everything ten times more fun because there were always people doing different things so if you didn’t feel like going to the beach there was always someone to go out shopping with.
Anne G., Reno, NV- Cádiz

I’m so glad I went on this trip because it provided a safe environment in which I could learn, make new friends, and be immersed in a culture and language different than my own.
Anne G., Reno, NV- Cádiz

THANKS SO MUCH for a great summer. I had a wonderful time and am really missing everyone in the program. My mom and I are actually making one of the recipes for dinner tonight from the Florence cook book- the chicken stuffed with mozzarella and prosciutto. I hope it turns out like it did in Florence!
Cathy G., McLean, VA - Florence

He said more in the two-hour car ride from the airport than he has said in years!
Laura W., parent of August W., Ojai, CA- Florence

Everything is going fantastic with Laurie. I have been very impressed with the level of organization your company provides. I feel that she is in good hands and I know that she is keeping very busy and having the time of her life.
Betsy P., parent of Laurie P., Pittstown, NJ- Florence

I just want to thank Abbey Road for giving me the opportunity to learn and experience so much. I know this may sound a bit formal and cliché, but the program was seriously unforgettable and THE BEST experience of my life.
Farah N., Palos Verdes Estates, CA- Florence

He loved everything about the program, even the academics! The excursions, the cultural activities, the cooking, the free time, the location, [everything was] all the best . . . Thank you so much for making this summer one of Andrew’s best. I was so impressed with the Abbey Road staff from start to finish.
Lisa P., parent of Andrew P., Chicago, IL- Aix-en-Provence

My daughter Marushka had an AMAZING time in France and all of the other wonderful places she visited. Thank you so much for offering such a comprehensive program. Her experiences there enriched her French studies beyond what we could have imagined.
Tilo and Cris M., parents of Marushka M., Los Angeles, CA - Cannes

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful Caroline's experience was this summer in Cádiz. She quickly developed a warm relationship with her homestay family, the Menacho's. I was traveling in Spain as well, this summer, and I went down to Cádiz for an evening to see Caroline and meet the host family. They were most lovely and hospitable (and tolerant of my limited Spanish!). We took them out for dinner, and loved being in their company. Caroline enjoyed her Spanish classes, and in particular, had great fun in the afternoon salsa class. She also developed an appreciation for the city of Cádiz, and loved the sense that at the end of the 3 weeks, she had really come to know a new place well. Thank you so much for putting together such a great combination of people, and activities.
Tobi, parent - Boca Raton, FL - Cadiz

Thanks for giving Lauren such a wonderful opportunity this summer. She blossomed in so many ways as a result of the program and returned so much more self-assured. I think the experience of living in an apartment and having to take care of it, and herself, was great preparation for college and independent living ... and proved to her that she is very ready to make that leap! I know she thoroughly enjoyed the academic aspects of the program and learned a lot. I know the excursions to Lucca were a highlight of her trip ... and she now can't wait to go back to Florence again.
Linda, parent - Los Altos, CA - Florence

Jessica phones us frequently and is thrilled with the Florence program. She loves everything and everybody. She has done community service summers in [the past], but she says this program surpasses anything she has ever done. You have created a wonderful environment for a teen to say: "This group is the best." Thank you!
Natalie and Bob S., parent of Jessica S., Newton, MA-Florence
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