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Short-term study abroad programs like those offered by Abbey Road provide a unique opportunity for students to pursue language fluency and further their motivation to use the language once back at home.

Heather Willis Allen, assistant professor of second language acquisition and French and director of the French Basic Language Program at the University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL says that college language programs that include traveling abroad, provide a unique opportunity for students to fulfill their language-learning goals.

In a 2010 study, Allen found that students who went on a study abroad program in France kept studying and speaking French after their program ended, particularly those students who were not studying the language merely to complete a course requirement.

Being involved in their own learning and pursuing specific goals, as well as participating in social interactions using French, enhanced students’ motivation to keep learning, Allen found.
  "Those students who made efforts to interact with French people their age and their host family members sustained their motivation to continue mastering the language, both on the program and upon their return to the U.S.," Allen said.

According to Allen, when students' language learning is supported through reflective activities such as blogging their challenges and accomplishments interacting with members of the target language culture, this can support their ongoing motivation to continue learning and speaking the language.

Abbey Road is committed to the improvement of our programs and staff training based upon findings like Dr. Allen’s. We are grateful to her for her contributions to the field of cultural and language learning.

Study Abroad College Language Programs Study Abroad College Language Programs
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