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In addition to developing language proficiency, Abbey Road’s educational travel opportunities help students discover new cultures and worldviews as they travel around new regions of the world.

"This summer, I escaped from my close-knit circle of friends and my secured city boundaries to explore the world beyond my doorstep," said Maja Tosic, who went on Abbey Road’s Western Civilization trip in 2009. "This trip allowed me to dip my toes in the fountain of humanity. It gave me a new awareness of the surrounding cultures by allowing me to experience things through different viewpoints."

"Abbey Road gave me the opportunity to apply my Spanish to everyday life and gave me the chance to learn about a whole new culture," said Anne Goodman of her time in Cádiz in 2009.

Abbey Road alumni often speak of the uniqueness of their experiences. With our educational travel programs, they say they found themselves completely immersed in their new lives overseas.
  "While in France, meeting local people was extremely helpful because I had to practice speaking French with them," said Mackenzie Selzer of her 2009 Abbey Road study abroad program in Nice. "It was so much fun going out with friends, knowing where to get the best crêpe that you could buy, and, of course, knowing where to shop!"

"It’s not just that my Spanish has improved, it’s that I’ve seen a world that I have never seen before," said Lindsey Krummell of her 2009 Abbey Road study abroad trip to Cádiz. "I’ve danced flamenco and sung in the middle of the streets for a scavenger hunt. I’ve seen fish bigger than I am, and climbed thirty-four flights of stairs to see another glimpse of Spain."

Dive into Educational Travel This Summer

Jumpstart your language and cultural immersion experience through educational study abroad programs offered by Abbey Road. Got questions? Send us a note or call us for more information.

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