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Summer study abroad programs for high school students can be a life-changing educational experience, especially on the pre-college journey. It offers a unique opportunity to learn foreign languages and cultures, experience cultural and language immersion, homestay and residential life, discover new worldviews, challenge commonly held stereotypes and learn about the immense diversity of the world we live in. For a high school student, going on a summer study abroad program may be the best way to learn about the world around you, and discover a few things about yourself as well.

Every year hundreds of thousands of American high school and college students go on summer study abroad programs to Spain, France, Italy, England, Greece, the United States and other countries. According to the Institute of International Education, the majority of American students choose Europe as their top destination for summer study abroad programs, and the numbers are increasing year to year. According to the US Department of Education.

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"The majority of these summer study abroad program students (nearly 70 percent) are short-term visitors who are enrolled in courses or programs sponsored, or offered, by U.S. postsecondary institutions or special foreign student programs provided by host country institutions."

Whether the summer study abroad students study Spanish, French or Italian languages, European history or art, literature or cinema, students enrich themselves with new knowledge and inspiration. Language immersion, study abroad and cultural education are one of the central activity areas of UNESCO. Furthermore, the United Nations General Assembly declared the year 2008 "International Year of Languages."


Research Project: Summer Study Abroad Programs for High School Students

Our instructors have the necessary educational background and experience to organize successful summer study abroad programs for high school students in Spain, France, Italy, England, Greece, the USA and other countries. Our staff members come from the top American and European Universities. Our academic curricula are designed by University-level experts on foreign language learning. At Abbey Road Programs we developed our own Experiential Learning Method (ELM) designed specifically for summer study abroad programs for high school students. Through intensive language immersion, active language learning and interaction, facilitated by native speakers or homestay families, our summer study abroad programs transform the host community into the classroom.

Summer study abroad programs for high school students and their impact on language learning by teenagers have become a subject of an academic study sponsored by Abbey Road. The study was conducted by three outstanding Abbey Road instructors, language education specialists from the University of Pittsburg: Dr. Heather Allen, Dr. Veronica Dristas and Dr. Nicole Mills. A copy of the study can be viewed here.

"The potential advantages of a summer study abroad program experience are many: students studying and living in another cultural and linguistic environment have been shown to attain increased language proficiency, world-mindedness, independence, tolerance for ambiguity, self esteem and empathy after a summer study abroad program" (Identity and Second-language Learning, Miguel Mantero, ed., Chapter 10, "Cultural Learning Outcomes and Summer Study Abroad," p. 189)

In an effort to further facilitate year-round and summer study abroad programs for high school and college students, Abbey Road has partnered with several American and European Universities to create unique learning opportunities. We encourage you to read more about our year-round and semester-long programs for high school and college students.
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