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Traveling to Europe with Abbey Road is guaranteed to make every teen a better language speaker, since they immerse themselves in the culture of the country they visit for the summer. Read a few of the many testimonials received from students who traveled with Abbey Road who offers many language immersion programs for high school and college students.

Michael Mallon went to study abroad in Nice to develop proficiency in French with Abbey Road in 2009, and credits his experience with helping him ace his SAT Subject Test in French.

"The test was fantastic! I got my score back, and it is 730 out of 800, considered to be an incredible score," said Mallon. "I owe much of that score to Abbey Road, especially because the test included listening, which for me improved greatly while I was on my trip."

Mallon noted that living in one city in France, rather than just passing through on a multi-city, multi-country visit, allowed him to deepen his experience with the language and culture.

"I made friends with some local skateboarders, which not only gave me an opportunity to learn colloquial French, but also provided for some great action photography for my elective course," said Mallon.

Cara Siskind, who signed up for student travel to Bologna, Italy with Abbey Road in 2006, returned to her high school in the fall to find that her Italian skills had improved enough to move up two course levels.

  "I took Italian 2 in 2006, and because of my studying during the summer with Abbey Road, I skipped up to Italian 4," Siskind said. "My teacher even took me aside after I handed in my first assignment to tell me I had impressed him and that I had the best work of my class."

"I loved the small classes and relaxed atmosphere," said Hannah Rosenthal, who attended Abbey Road’s study abroad program in Cádiz, Spain in 2004. "I thought the conversation class was especially helpful because it made me more confident in my actual spoken Spanish."

Abbey Road parents comment upon the programs’ high-quality academics.

"The academic aspects of the program were sensational, especially the quality of the professors and the venues," said Bill Placke, whose daughter Sarah went on Abbey Road’s educational travel program to Florence, Italy with Abbey Road in 2004. "It is clear the whole package prepared her better for college life."

Are you ready for a language immersion program that’s guaranteed to be educational and exciting? If so, sign up today to study abroad with Abbey Road.
Language Immersion Programs Language Immersion Programs
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