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commitment to safety


Abbey Road is committed to its students’ safety and enforces a clear set of safety rules and guidelines when studying abroad on a student travel program.

Staff supervise most activities and are available via a staff mobile phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Abbey Road staff are always available to walk or drive students home, arrange doctor's visits, or help students communicate with their host families.

"The supervision was everything a parent would hope for their child," said Andrea Kinnard, whose daughter Lizzy went to Saint-Laurent-du-Var with Abbey Road in 2009. "At the same time, the teachers and counselors were personable, fun and kind."

"The RA's were, according to Sarah, top class and very supportive and professional," said Bill Placke, whose daughter Sarah went to Florence with Abbey Road in 2004.

Lorrie Latzen, whose daughter Elena went on Abbey Road’s Nice program in 2009, commented upon the kindness of Abbey Road staff to their students.
  "I am so grateful to you for this experience, and I know that she is safe and is being educated well," Latzen wrote to the Abbey Road staff during her daughter’s trip.

"I am a fan," said Paula Burchill, who sent her daughter Lara Mirgorod to Verona to study abroad with Abbey Road in 2007. "Lara learned so much in the program and was well-supervised—something parents of teens always worry about."

"I’m so glad I went on this trip because it provided a safe environment in which I could learn, make new friends, and be immersed in a culture and language different than my own," said Anne Goodman of her experience in Cádiz in 2009.

"I had a lot of reservations about sending my daughter, Alice, to Italy," admits Sarah Cook (not her real last name), whose daughter was studying abroad in Florence with Abbey Road in 2007. "However, Abbey Road took all my concerns seriously and dealt with them in the most professional and caring way. Alice came back a changed child. She loved the program and it broadened her ‘college and future plans focus.’ I recommend Abbey Road."

Abbey Road is committed to its students’ safety and closely monitors conditions in local communities that could affect the quality of our summer programs. For a special message on Abbey Road's approach to student safety abroad from Managing Director and Founder, Dr. Arthur Kian, click here

A Special Message from Abbey Road Managing Director and Founder, Dr. Arthur Kian

As a CSIET accredited organization dedicated to quality summer study abroad programs, Abbey Road conducts an annual review of its policies on safety and supervision. Hundreds of anonymous post-program parent, student and summer staff evaluations are carefully reviewed to determine ways in which programming and safety procedures can be improved. This meticulous approach to programming and an unyielding commitment to excellence above all else, is what gives Abbey Road’s summer study abroad programs their unparalleled record of safety and client satisfaction.

An important factor in maintaining student safety during our summer programs abroad is our rigorous approach to addressing potential threats to program security. Over the past several summers, Abbey Road Program Directors have received supplemental training in areas addressing everything from Swine Flu and contaminated produce to adapting program itineraries in the case of social unrest and strike due to economic instability.

This later area of concern has been at the forefront of many discussions over the past year, and we have been asked several times if we will continue to visit such cities as Athens, Greece given the recent media coverage. It is important to communicate to all summer participants that Abbey Road is carefully monitoring the situation in Athens and we are in close contact with the State Department, the U.S. Embassy in Athens and local staff members who reside in Greece. At present, we do not think that there are reasons to interrupt our program preparations for the upcoming summer. However, we have created contingency plans and made the necessary arrangements, should it become necessary, to make changes in program itineraries and avoid those areas that may be of concern.

In my 20 plus years directing student travel programs and during my PhD research in International Security at Stanford, I have gained valuable insight into the sensationalized media coverage of international events in foreign countries. Such reports should be considered with healthy skepticism and it is Abbey Road’s position that multiple sources must be considered when making decisions on altering programs based on events in local communities. For this reason, Abbey Road staff traveled to Athens in June of 2011 to ascertain firsthand the conditions throughout the city prior to student arrivals. We observed a starkly different environment than had been portrayed in the media. This confirmed prior reports given by local staff that Athens continues to be a safe and rewarding environment for student travelers. This sentiment was reinforced when staff members returned to Athens in October of 2011 as part of continued efforts by Abbey Road to address potential parent concerns.

Abbey Road treats all potential safety concerns with the utmost attention so that our families can continue to rely on us for enriching summer experiences. Student safety is our absolute priority, and we take it very seriously. We welcome your detailed questions about our approach to student safety and supervision. Please call us directly at 1-888-462-2239.

Arthur Kian, PhD
Managing Director
Abbey Road Programs
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