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According to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, French, Spanish and Italian were the most popular languages to study in 2010 among high school students.

Abbey Road sends students to all three countries with summer study abroad language immersion programs, for high school students seeking an exciting learning experience.

There are three educational travel programs in France: one in Nice, one in Saint-Laurent-du-Var, and one in Aix-en-Provence. In addition, the Western Civilization program visits Paris.

"I choose Abbey Road because of the different options the program offered," said Mackenzie Selzer, who went to Nice in 2009. "Many programs were more about touring than actually living in France. With Abbey Road, I got to take a photography class, immerse myself with locals, see France and Italy, and learn to take care of myself."

Selzer’s mother Deb Grimes agreed.

"I can’t say enough about Abbey Road; it was the best experience of Mac’s life," said Grimes. "It gave her so much confidence, such a positive, positive experience. We want brochures and for our friends and French teachers."
  "Julie had a blast," said Jane Weil of her daughter’s experience in Saint-Laurent-du-Var in 2009. "She made great friends. She loved the trips, the days at the beach, feeling as if she was an ordinary French girl soaking up the sun. She loved the cultural exposure."

In Spain, Abbey Road’s program is in Cádiz.

Jillien Schenkel sent her daughter Emily on the Cádiz trip in 2009.

"She not only improved her writing, reading and comprehension of Spanish, but she was also able to immerse herself in the culture of Spain," said Schenkel. "For this, we thank you!"

Abbey Road also has an educational travel program in Florence, Italy, and the Western Civilization program visits Florence and Rome.

"Being in Florence, with a helpful, caring staff and meeting new people has been the best experience in my life so far," said Emily Kissenberth of her 2009 Abbey Road experience.

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