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England Study Abroad Modern Civilization

Follow the Path of Contemporary Europe from Post-War Prague and Berlin to Modern Day Vienna
Our Modern Civilization program brings students to four European centers of history, politics and artistic expression: Berlin, Prague, Salzburg and Vienna. No two days are ever the same during this cultural journey through time. Students will discuss the House of Hapsburg while sampling local cuisine at Viennese coffee houses,learn about the unification of East and West Germany while examining remnants of the Berlin Wall and compare examples of modern and contemporary architecture while strolling through Prague and Vienna’s beautifully preserved city centers. Afternoon and evening activities and events cater to all types of interests and range from photography scavenger hunts and outdoor concerts to scenic horse drawn carriage rides.

The Modern Civilization Program is a pre-college summer study abroad experience designed for high school students looking to get more from their summer than sitting in a classroom. Students in this program are afforded all benefits of cultural immersion, while touring some of Europe’s most dynamic cities.


Berlin (Week 1)
A city reunited only in the last two decades, Berlin provides the opportunity to visit the economic nucleus of the European Union at the forefront of the green energy, progressive urban development, and contemporary art movements. Students discover how Berlin, riddled by strife and division in the 20th century under the Nazi and Communist regimes, has confronted its troubled history through openness and education as they tour the Topographie des Terrors, Deutsche and Jewish History Museums and profound Holocaust Memorial. An optional daytrip to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp will provide the opportunity to address both the difficult topics of genocide and terror while also examining human heroism, solidarity and resistance.

Prague (Week 2)
A one-time capital of the Holy Roman Empire, Prague is nicknamed the "City of a Hundred Spires." During their stay in Prague, the group will enjoy informal classes atop the Charles Bridge, view the changing of the guard at the colossal Prague Castle complex and learn about Prague’s Gothic and Baroque architectural legacies during guided art walks. Home to celebrated author Franz Kafka and the 1968 “Prague Spring,” the city offers a poignant contribution to the group’s examination of 20th century European history. From exploring Prague’s labyrinthine Jewish Quarter to adding their names to the Lennon Wall, students are sure to enjoy this enchanting Czech capital!

Salzburg (Week 2 part II)
Salzburg welcomes our students as they journey to Austria. A three night stay in this enchanting city provides a break from fast-paced city life and opportunities for group bike excursions, scenic walks and free time to explore the winding streets and surrounding hills. Students will also explore Mozart’s childhood home, enjoy group dinners at the city’s best authentic restaurants and visit many of the film locations featured in The Sound of Music!

Vienna (Week 3)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Haydn and Gustav Klimt are just a few of the celebrated Austrians who drew inspiration from charming Vienna. The birthplace of Classical music and known for its captivating operas and glamorous balls, Vienna offers an incredible variety of daily social and cultural activities. During group visits to the Hundertwasserhaus and State Opera students will discover a stunning variety in examples of art and architecture from Romanesque and Baroque to Art Nouveau. During this final week in Europe, our students will discover first-hand why Austria’s capital has long been considered one of the world’s most desirable cities in which to live!


All students are enrolled in the Modern European History course.

Modern European History (major)
This course provides an introduction to the evolution of modern European history and state of contemporary European culture through a month-long immersion adventure to Prague, Berlin and Vienna. Daily on-site instruction will provide students with the necessary background information to fully appreciate the distinct historical legacy of each European city. In addition, special cultural seminars will allow each student to express their interests and opinions all while exposing them to the contemporary sides of these great cities. Though the course follows a central theme, no two days are ever alike. Students track down Kafka in Prague’s labyrinthine Jewish Quarter, discover the impact of WWII on German re-unification during a special parliamentary session at Berlin’s Reichstag and discuss modern and contemporary art and architecture during guided tours throughout each vibrant city.


Throughout the program, the group will live in 3-star centrally located hotels. All hotels are carefully chosen and visited by Abbey Road staff. Students will share double or triple rooms.


Each day begins with a visit to a historical monument, museum, park or neighborhood for onsite classes addressing European history and culture. Students may start their day catching a glimpse of the Hapsburg imperial jewels at Vienna’s Hofburg Palace or viewing artistic works from great masters such as Paul Vermeer, Rembrandt, Caravaggio and Raphael. Afternoons and evenings will afford them opportunities to sample local cuisine at bustling coffee houses, enjoy live music along the Danube or practice their hand at treasure hunting in one of the many open air vintage and antique markets these great capitals are known for. Afternoon and evening activity options change daily and balance cultural events with options for free time, recreation and group meals. The program staff encourages student participation when planning special group events; as a result, students have many opportunities to express their own personal interests and goals throughout the program.


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Modern Civilization England Study Abroad
England Study Abroad Modern Civilization “The museums we have visited contain the very statues and jewelry I have admired in the books I've read… and all the ruins we visit belonged to names that I've learned about in history class. Just walking outside is exciting because clothing stores and Internet cafes stand on the same streets as the remains of old buildings. The old and new are flawlessly intertwined!”

Rachael L., New York
England Study Abroad Modern Civilization
England Study Abroad Modern Civilization England Study Abroad Modern Civilization
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