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Spain Study Abroad Barcelona

Residential Cultural Immersion and Travel
Spanish Studies in the Arts, Language, History and Culture

Experience two of Spain’s iconic urban centers this summer, Barcelona and Madrid! The combination of a weeklong travel adventure and residential immersion experience creates the perfect recipe for fun and exploration on this four week academic summer program.

Barcelona and Madrid have a healthy rivalry dating back to the early 1900s with Barcelona representing the independent-minded Catalonia and Madrid the unified Spanish nation. Discover what makes each city unique as you delight in local cuisine, explore museums and monuments, and travel to neighboring towns, cities, and beaches all while expanding your horizons and making new friends! Our journey begins in Madrid, Spain’s centrally-located capital. The goal of this exciting first week abroad is threefold: Foster group bonding, introduce the Spanish language and culture, and promote a natural transition to the study abroad experience through a balanced daily itinerary including morning site visits, afternoon activities, group meals, and daily free time in small groups.

In Barcelona the program shifts from exploration through travel to academic residential immersion. Students live in a centrally located apartment residence with walking access to Barcelona’s main cultural attractions. Each day fosters academic enrichment and important pre-college life skills. Between daily classes ranging from drawing and digital photography to Spanish language and cuisine, afternoon activity options and excursions, and weekend day trips all around Catalonia, our students are sure to expand horizons and develop new interests. Ultimately, by combining a travel excursion through Madrid, Segovia, and Toledo with an academic pre-college residential program in Barcelona, our students can fully immerse in Spanish culture without compromising on the opportunity to experience multiple regions of Spain.


All students are enrolled in Spanish Language as their program major. Each class combines a grammatical lesson and presentation of vocabulary with a field trip or excursion in the local community. This combination ensures that students can immediately apply morning lessons to real-life situations and improve their spoken Spanish in a natural, interactive, and culturally relevant environment. Absolute beginning to advanced (including A.P.) levels offered. Students are placed in the appropriate level upon arrival to Spain. In addition to their Spanish Language major students select another class from the options listed to serve as their tri-weekly afternoon elective.

Spanish Conversation and Culture
Strengthen your communication skills and increase your vocabulary with this conversational Spanish language course. On-site discussions and “coffee talk” are geared toward the practical improvement of pronunciation, syntax, and oral comprehension, while fostering a deeper understanding of contemporary Spanish culture and civilization. All levels welcome.

Survey of Spanish Literature
Considered an introduction to Spanish literature of the 19th and 20th centuries, students will read selected works from key authors of the time followed by in-class discussion. Intermediate and advanced levels.

Art History and Architecture of Barcelona
Barcelona houses arguably Europe’s most extensive collection of Early Modern Art and Architecture. During this introduction to the Art and Architecture of Barcelona, students study the history of the Art Nouveau and Modern Art Movements paying particular attention to the works of Antoni Gaudí, Domènech i Montaner, Juan Miró, Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso. The course combines site visits to monuments and landmark buildings with museum visits. No knowledge of Spanish required.

Studio Art: Drawing
Barcelona serves as inspiration, while students learn the basics of drawing such as lighting, shading, dimensionality, movement and the human form. The course covers a variety of drawing techniques, ranging from the classical to the contemporary. Throughout the course, students work with a variety of materials and are encouraged to utilize their skills in capturing the essence of the city. All artistic levels welcome.

Digital Photography
Learn the basic principles and applications of digital photography as an artistic medium. Classes emphasize visual concepts, as well as basic image capture and camera functions. Important topics covered include the manipulation of camera settings, controls, lighting, and exposure. No knowledge of Spanish required.

Survey of Spanish Cinema
Acquaint yourself with a broad range of Spanish cinematic styles and directors in this introductory course in Spanish cinema. Classes will follow the development of post WWII Spanish cinema with a special focus on the region of Catalonia and its portrayal in modern and contemporary Spanish and International films. Students will also have the opportunity to take part in the creative process developing their own short group film!

In addition to their weekly major and elective courses, students have the option of participating in cultural workshops and seminars. Enrollment is optional, and space is available on a first-come, first served basis. Summer workshop and seminar topics include:
• Introduction to Spanish Film
• Spanish Tapas Tasting
• Art History and Architecture of Catalonia
• Introduction to Salsa Dancing
• Spanish Cuisine
• Introduction to Flamenco Dance: Las Sevillanas
• Antoni Gaudí Arts Walk


Students and staff live together in a centrally located student residence. Each student enjoys an individual bedroom with a private bathroom and shared kitchen with another Abbey Road student of the same gender. Centrally located with comfortable common areas, 24-hour security, air-conditioning throughout, a pc-lab, workout facility and even a rooftop pool, this pre-college living environment makes an ideal home for students who want to enjoy the benefits of modern residential living and easy access to Barcelona’s historic city center.

An important part of this pre-college experience, Abbey Road students share household responsibilities and shop for weekly groceries with their kitchen mates. Equipped with fresh ingredients and authentic recipes, students can expect to prepare 3-4 evening meals per week with supervision provided by the program staff. When not experimenting with local recipes, students will enjoy tasting authentic cuisine during outings to local restaurants or, discovering their own favorite places to eat during stipend meals.


Students begin each weekday with their daily Major course. After morning classes students have a midday recess to enjoy lunch and the surrounding neighborhoods. Three days a week during the afternoons, you will attend your elective course. On days when elective courses do not meet, you will have the option of participating in a variety of workshops, seminars and activities. Evenings provide additional options for cultural, athletic and social activities taking full advantage of the city center and surrounding areas, as well as options for group meals and free time.

Sample Daily Schedule
9:00-9:30 Morning Group Meeting
9:30-12:30 Major Class
12:30-2:00 Afternoon Break and Lunch
2:00-5:00 Tri Weekly Electives OR Afternoon Activities
5:00-7:00 Free Time
7:00-8:30 Dinner: Restaurant, Stipend or Cooking Groups at Residence
8:30-11:30 Evening Activities
11:30-12:00 Return to Residence, Face-to-Face Nightly Check-in


Excursion to Madrid, Toledo, and Segovia
During their first week in Spain our students explore Madrid and the surrounding towns of Segovia and Toledo. Students soon discover that Spain’s capital city offers a very different portrayal of Spanish culture and identity than that of Barcelona. Bordering the regions of Castile-La Mancha and Castile and León, Madrid is home to the Spanish Monarchy and is the country’s political center. Contrasting the modernist cityscape of Barcelona, Madrid and its many neighborhoods have maintained a historic look and feel. It boasts one of the world’s most impressive art collections housed at the Prado Museum, one of the world’s top professional fútbol clubs, Real Madrid, and was the birthplace of Miguel de Cervantes- author of arguably the world’s first modern novel and greatest work of modern fiction, Don Quixote. During this first week abroad , students will explore every corner of this exciting city visiting its multitude of historical landmarks and attractions while also having free time to enjoy its many diverse neighborhoods, exciting café scene, and shopping districts.


Weekend excursions expose students to some of Northern Spain’s most celebrated towns and cities. Among the many weekend trips offered, in Sitges, students will spend a day at a picturesque seaside town where they can relax at the beach and shop at the upscale boutiques. Figueres offers the opportunity to discover the birthplace of Salvador Dalí and experience the world famous Dalí museum. The group will also enjoy daytime excursions to Girona, Montserrat and Tarragona.


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Barcelona Spain Study Abroad
Spain Study Abroad Barcelona
Spain Study Abroad Barcelona Spain Study Abroad Barcelona Spain Study Abroad Barcelona
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