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Summer English Programs

English Immersion For European and International Students

The American Experience is an English immersion summer program for European and international students, ages 14-18, who wish to come to the United States for English language immersion as well as to learn about American culture. The program takes students to Boston and New York, where they live alongside American students and participate in daily classes, activities and workshops in American Culture, Art and History as well as English Language. During the weekends regional day trips will expose the group to the iconic cities and towns of the Northeast. This English enrichment program is perfect for international high school students interested in improving their English comprehension, conversational skills and writing ability all while enjoying university life in one of the United State’s most celebrated cities.

Ultimately, this English immersion program in the USA combines two advantages: A pre-college experience where our students live with a group of peers, and a language immersion experience facilitated by the Abbey Road faculty. Students live together in student dorms on the Emerson College Campus in downtown Boston, with supervision provided by Abbey Road Resident Advisors, and have access to all dorm amenities, from wi-fi equipped lounges and study rooms to dining halls and fitness centers. Students should have at least one year of English prior to attending.


Part 1: Boston, Massachusetts
The first part of the program takes lace in Boston, birthplace of the American Revolution. More than 20% of Boston's population is students! The largest concentration of students in the U.S., Boston's universities are among the finest in the world and include Harvard, MIT and Tufts. Students live on the Emerson College Campus and take classes in English language while enjoying a full range of daily social, recreation and cultural activities designed to make the most of city and its surrounding areas.

Part 2: New York City, New York
Our students will enjoy spending four days in New York City, the country's economic and cultural capital. Always at the forefront of culture and style, New York is a truly exciting and cosmopolitan experience. Students will visit New York’s iconic sites such as the Statue of Liberty, The Guggenheim and Metropolitan Museums of Art, the Theater District, Times Square, Soho, The Empire State Building and more, all while enjoying free time for shopping, food and practicing their conversational English skills while exploring each distinct neighborhood.


The English language workshops are taught by Abbey Road faculty; the curriculum combines classroom instruction, experiential learning and daily practice. Students study with experienced teachers, in small group settings, and have opportunities for individual tutoring by Abbey Road staff.

The American Experience program will also offer bi-weekly workshops and seminars on film, theater, American music, photography, drawing, art history, and American cuisine, to name a few. These are based in large part on the interests of the students.


The language courses are complemented by the residential immersion experience. Abbey Road students and staff live together in a comfortable, centrally-located university residence. Students will learn how to live with a group of peers and will benefit from all that Boston has to offer. The residence is walking distance from many sites and located next to the metro system. Typically, students will share double or triple rooms with other students of the same gender.

This residential immersion program on the East Coast encourages and facilitates the use of English through daily interaction, formal and informal workshops, activities, and excursions. All of the Abbey Road faculty and staff who live with the students are fluent in English and most are native speakers. We encourage our students to speak English at all times. Importantly, the key to success in an immersion program is the student's own motivation and effort.


During the week, students will start their day with a morning English workshop. After lunch, all students and staff assemble for the daily group meeting. In the afternoons and evenings, students choose from a variety of social, recreational, and artistic activities: sports (such as baseball, basketball and swimming), excursions to local sites and museums, concerts and performances, shopping, nature walks, conversation at outdoor cafés and restaurants, and dancing. In addition to planned activities with the Abbey Road group, students will have plenty of free time to pursue personal interests, make friends and explore the town.

Sample Daily Schedule
9:00-9:30 Morning Group Meeting
9:30-12:30 English Language Classes
12:30-2:00 Afternoon Break and Lunch
2:00-5:00 English Conversation Workshops OR Afternoon Cultural Activities
5:00-7:00 Student Free Time
7:00-8:30 Dinner: Restaurant, Stipend or Meal at Student Residence
8:30-11:30 Evening Activities
11:30-12:00 Group Returns to Residence, Face-to-Face Nightly Check-in


Students go on day trips to some of the most beautiful sites of the eastern United States. In the quaint New England town of Salem, students will learn about the Salem Witch Hunt Trials made famous by the book and movie "The Crucible." A trip to Liberty Island to see the Statue of Liberty is always a highlight of the trip to New York.


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Summer English Programs
Summer English Programs "Mike has been accepted into one of the colleges he applied for with the highest honors and a great scholarship. I know this is, in part, due to his cultural experiences abroad and the transcripts he was allowed to submit from the program."

Jacquie M. mother of Michael M., 2009
Summer English Programs
Summer English Programs Summer English Programs
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